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The NCAA educational route, longer path with impactful results

Gladiator Hockey Agency guides our prospective NCAA players and their families through the NCAA Clearing House, SAT and ACT Preparation and Testing, College Visits, and the Commitment process.

Gladiator Hockey Agency has decades of building relationships and partnerships with NCAA Teams, coaches, and recruiters.

Our Goal and Mission is for our players to be able to give the most possible back to their families in education dollars.  If Professional hockey isn't a long-term reality, they will have both an education and degree to fall back on.

NCAA Hockey
NCAA Hockey
Gladiator Hockey Agency
Gladiator Hockey Agency
Ontario Hockey League

The path to the OHL can be quick, exciting and at times overwhelming for families. 

Gladiator Hockey Agency has seen our Clients have success at the OHL Draft, being signed to OHL Education Packages and playing in the league.

Our OHL Draft Eligible Clients are being selected at a higher to date due to our limited age group selection process. We have had our players selected to all 20 OHL Teams
Our Clients have been 1st round selections in both the U16 and U18 Drafts, but we've also had numerous players who were selected in late rounds that have developed quickly, surpassing expectations and going on to sign OHL Education Packages and play in the OHL.
Gladiator Hockey Agency has seen dozens of our undrafted Clients sign and go on to play in the OHL.


Gladiator Hockey Agency
Gladiator Hockey Agency
Gladiator Hockey Agency
Gladiator Hockey Agency

Pro Hockey

Life on the road, we will be there you every mile of the way.

We strive to find the best compensation for our professional players in the industry. Contracts that best meet both our players’ financial needs and their family dynamic. We ensure these contracts meet or exceed fair market value.

The professional game end goal for most clients is the NHL, but often times many games are needed in the ECHL, AHL well before that call up to the final destination. 


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