Gladiator Hockey Agency



Gladiator Hockey Agency provides clients with stellar representation and contract negotiation services. The team at Gladiator Hockey Agency understands the negotiation strategies and contract formalities in the business of hockey. Gladiator hockey agency leverages years of knowledge to minimize negotiation delays and secure what is in the clients best interest.


Representing hockey players through the ever changing and challenging landscape in the business of hockey can be a daunting task, Gladiator Hockey Agency can limit those anxiety and stress filled decisions for players along the road to achieving their career end goals.  Gladiator Hockey Agency provides the same benefits of a large scale hockey agency with on-time, responsive, individualized attention and service for all of our players.


Gladiator Hockey Agency is structured to maintain many important duties for its clients that allow them to fully focus their time and energy on their on-ice duties. Contract negotiations, draft preparation and high-risk insurance are some of the areas that we manage on behalf of our clientele.


Why get lost in the stable of a large agency where the players needs come second to their agents.