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Congratulations! You have just completed your draft-eligible 'AAA' U16 season and have been selected in the OHL,WHL or QMJHL Priority Selection/Draft. What now? At a young age, talented hockey players may have to decide which direction to follow in  developing their hockey IQ and skills to pursue their junior, academic and NHL aspirations.  While both the CHL and NCAA provide a pathway to the NHL, each offers a number of differences.

The NCAA classifies the CHL as a professional league since it has players who have secured NHL contracts. As a result, players who have participated in a game - even an exhibition game - automatically lose their amateur status.

At Gladiator Hockey Agency, it is our responsibility to recognize when the time, context, and opportunity favour the CHL above the NCAA, or vice versa. While there are significant distinctions between the NCAA and the CHL, there are also some commonalities, such as the value placed on education and student achievement in the classroom.

When it comes to deciding between the CHL and the NCAA, the answer is simple: there is no wrong decision. It ultimately comes down to what the player feels is the best match for them to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Gladiator Hockey Agency has years of experience working with CHL and NCAA players who have had their names called in the NHL draft.

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