The First Step


Gladiator Hockey Agency

Congratulations, you just finished your 'AAA' Minor Midget season and you have been selected in the OHL Priority Selection, now what? Talented hockey players face a choice at a young age as to where to pursue their dreams - two paths that can both lead to the NHL, but have a number of differences between them.


Because the CHL includes players who have signed professional contracts, the NCAA considers it a professional league. Therefore, players who have played a game - even an exhibition game .


As an Agency it’s our job to understand when the timing, environment and opportunity is right to recommend the CHL over the NCAA, or visa versa. There are some differences when it comes to the NCAA and major junior, but there are some similarities as well, including the importance of education and student success in the classroom.


When it comes to picking between the QMJHL or NCAA, it's simple: there's no wrong decision. It comes down to what the player believes is the best fit for them to succeed both in the classroom and on the ice. Gladiator Hockey Agency has years of expertise dealing with both paths, make sure you check out our services to see what fit is right for you. Knowing the "rules" about Agents and Advisors is key, we offer both services starting at the minor hockey level.